Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dana's baby blues are unbelievable. I prayed hard that Stockton would inherit the stone-cold stunners and, for the most part, he did....except the part he uses to see. Specifically, the corneas are quality, but the lenses are lame.

We discovered this two weeks ago when his right eye began to periodically look inward. Forty-eight nerve-racking hours later, Stockton saw an ophthalmologist who diagnosed him with the Google-inducing condition of accomodative esotropia. Spell check is telling me there is no such thing, and three weeks ago I would have believed it, but a heartbreaking scene where Stockton struggled to see convinced me.

The good news: Stockton loves his glasses, getting upset when we have to "put them to sleep" for bedtime or take them off for a bath. His eye seems to be crossing less, and his sky-blue glasses are kind of cool. His words to one of his teachers: "These are my glasses. They help me see."


Kelly Lawson said...

Love it! Can't wait to see him or see pics. I know he looks awesome in them!